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How Do I Get Involved?

How do I add my signature to the nomination form for Snæfellsjökull?

Citizens of Iceland can best support the campaign by nominating Snæfellsjökull. In order for Snæfellsjökull to be considered for candidacy, we are collecting signatures between March 1st and April 26th. We need the following number of signatures for each region of Iceland:

  • South: min. 1,233 signatures / max. 2,465 signatures

  • West Fjords: min. 56 signatures / max. 112 signatures

  • North: min. 157 signatures / max. 314 signatures

  • East: min. 54 signatures / max. 109 signatures

To nominate Snæfellsjökull, click this link and add your signature.

Since Snæfellsjökull does not have a kennitala, the kennitala used for the collection of signatures in the nomination form belongs to the campaign manager, Dr. Angela Marie Snæfellsjökuls Rawlings. She has offered her kennitala as proxy for Snæfellsjökull in order to adhere to a bureaucratic system that has not yet instituted Rights of Nature within its policy and administrative frameworks. Dr. Rawlings works as part of a jöklakór; they are not personally running for president. 

How can I support the presidential campaign for Snæfellsjökull?

We welcome volunteers and are currently seeking:

  • help with collecting signatures for the nomination

  • social media experts who are fluent in Icelandic and Polish

  • legal experts

  • other unusual and fabulous in-kind donations 

To volunteer, please e-mail us at and pitch your assistance.

How can I help spread the word about the campaign? 

Feel free to join us in any of the following actions:

  1. Append your e-mail signature with a link to this website.

  2. Change your IG, TikTok, Facebook short bios/abouts to Snæfellsjökull for President 2024. Include a link to this website if possible.

  3. Sign off your e-mails with “Kveðja og jökla” or similar.

  4. Shift saying "amazing," "geggjað," "vá," or "OMG" to "By the Power of the Glacier!" or "jökulltastic." Replace "yes" and "já" with "SnæfellsYES" and "SnæfellsJÁkull!"

Would you like to endorse Snæfellsjökull for President?


We welcome videos you take on your phone! Send your endorsement videos to

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